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Women’s Viking Hairstyles: Mastering the Nordic Look in 2023

In the age of the Vikings, a spirited community from Scandinavia conquered the realms of Europe and Asia, known for their audacious exploits, intense battles, and distinctive cultural expressions. Women’s Viking Hairstyles Among the many aspects of their rich culture, Viking hairstyles for women stand out as a testament to their individuality, creativity, and resilience.

Women’s Viking hairstyles showcased a spectrum of creativity, ranging from modest braids to intricate knots and regal crowns. The incorporation of accessories such as beads, ribbons, and metal rings added vibrancy to their hair, not merely for aesthetics but also to serve functional purposes in combat and daily endeavors.

In contemporary times, the allure of Viking hairstyles for women has captivated the modern woman, seeking to embody the strength and confidence of these historical figures. Drawing inspiration from various sources, including archaeological findings and popular media like the TV series “Vikings,” women are now experimenting with diverse braids, knots, and accessories to craft their own Viking-inspired looks. For those eager to embrace the Nordic aesthetic in 2023, here are some distinctive Viking hairstyles to consider.

The Enduring Allure of Viking Styles

The Vikings were a Scandinavian seafaring race who, from the eighth to the eleventh centuries, explored, traded, and raided Europe and Asia, leaving a lasting impression on history. Viking hairstyles for women stand out among the various facets of their rich culture as a tribute to their uniqueness, inventiveness, and fortitude.


Irish Ribbon Knot

The Irish Ribbon Knot, a symbol of timeless elegance, takes center stage as one of the most sought-after Viking hairstyles for women. Women’s Viking Hairstyles This single braid, wrapped like a regal headband, incorporates a ribbon or fabric strip, adding a touch of individuality. Whether tied into a bow or knot, this versatile style is both simple and sophisticated, suitable for any occasion.

How to Achieve the Irish Ribbon Knot:

  • Gather a long ribbon or fabric strip, a hair elastic, a comb, and bobby pins.
  • Divide your hair into two sections.
  • Braid each section, weaving in the ribbon.
  • Secure the braids around your head, adjusting as desired.
  • Tie the ribbon ends into a bow or knot for a personalized finish.


Shieldmaiden Braids

Step into the world of fierce female warriors with Shield maiden Braids, a powerful homage to those who fought alongside Viking men. Women’s Viking Hairstyles These tight, thin braids on each side, often paired with shaved or faded sides, create a bold contrast between femininity and strength, perfect for those who want to make a statement.

How to Achieve Shield maiden Braids:

  • Equip yourself with a pair of scissors or a razor, a comb, hair elastics, and bobby pins.
  • Decide on the extent of shaving or fading on the sides.
  • Braid each section, securing with hair elastics.
  • Wrap the braids around your head and secure with bobby pins.

Valkyrie Braid Crown

For special occasions that demand a touch of divine authority, the Valkyrie Braid Crown is the perfect choice. Inspired by the mythical Valkyries, this grand hairstyle features a thick braid encircling the head like a crown, exuding elegance and power.

How to Achieve the Valkyrie Braid Crown:

  • Arm yourself with a comb, a hair elastic, bobby pins, and optional accessories.
  • Divide your hair into two sections.
  • Create thick, loose braids, securing the ends with hair elastics.
  • Wrap the braids around your head and secure with bobby pins.
  • Add optional accessories for a glamorous touch.

Inking Warrior Mohawk

For those ready to make a bold and edgy statement, the Viking Warrior Mohawk is the epitome of modern Viking fierceness. Shaved or faded sides paired with a long braided strip down the middle create a contemporary and fierce interpretation of a classic Viking Mohawk.

How to Achieve the Viking Warrior Mohawk:

  • Prepare with a pair of scissors or a razor, a comb, a hair elastic, and bobby pins.
  • Decide on the extent of shaving or fading on the sides.
  • Divide the left over hair into three divisions.
  • Braid the middle section, securing with a hair elastic.
  • Wrap the side sections around the central braid, securing with bobby pins.

Freyja’s Fury

In the spirit of the Norse goddess Freyja, embrace versatility and creativity with Freyja’s Fury. This intricate weave of braids reflects the multifaceted nature of the goddess, offering a striking and adaptable look suitable for various hair lengths and textures.

How to Achieve Freyja’s Fury:

  • Arm yourself with a comb, hair elastics, and bobby pins.
  • Section your hair into multiple segments.
  • Braid each section, securing with hair elastics.
  • Weave the braids together to create a pattern, securing with bobby pins.


In essence, the diverse and creative Viking hairstyles for women served as poignant expressions of their culture, lifestyle, and individuality. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these hairstyles were practical, often incorporating accessories to add flair and color while addressing the demands of combat or daily activities. Today, the legacy of Viking hairstyles continues to inspire modern women, encouraging them to embrace their inner warriors and exude strength and confidence in unique and captivating ways. Unleash the power of your hair and let it be a statement that resonates with the strength within you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What did Viking hairstyles signify?

Viking hairstyles conveyed their social status, identity, personality, and mood. For instance, long hair symbolized beauty, femininity, and nobility, while shaved or short hair denoted slavery, disgrace, or mourning.

How did Viking women style their hair?

Viking women adorned their long hair in various styles, including braids, buns, or ponytails. Additionally, they embellished their hair with accessories like beads, ribbons, or metal rings.

What accessories did Vikings use for their hair?

Vikings utilized a range of accessories, including beads, ribbons, metal rings, pins, clips, bands, combs, and brooches. These accessories not only added color, contrast, and texture to their hair but also symbolized their wealth, culture, and beliefs.

What was the hair care routine of the Vikings?

Vikings maintained their hair by adhering to a regular washing regimen with water and soap. Combing was done using wooden or bone combs, and they applied oils or fats for miniaturization. The use of tweezers, razors, and scissors was common for precise grooming, including hair and beard trimming, as well as the removal of unwanted facial and body hair. Top of Form

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