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Nails Plus: Indulge Your Nails in Luxury and Expertise

Stay confident and look beautiful as Nails Plus is your one-stop shop for all things you want for nails. Going to Nails Plus is like stepping into a haven of relaxation. The feel is calm and stylish, with comfortable seating and calming music. There are highly trained and certified nail technicians who completely ensure attention to detail and brilliant service.

They offer a comprehensive menu of services that are designed to cater to every nail care based on the needs and desires of customers like you. Whether you are looking for classic or latest trending (show-stopping) nail art, Nails Plus delivers exceptional service in a cool environment.

Are you for a quick polish change or a full spa day for your hands and feet? Worry not! Nails Plus has something for you that makes you stand out from the crowd. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about Nails Plus in detail. So, read on to explore.

Why Nails Plus?

Nails Plus puts your well-being first. Unlike other salons, hygiene is our top priority. We utilize disinfected gear and top-quality items to guarantee a protected and agreeable experience. Our specialists are simply amazing, continually prepared on the most recent patterns and procedures to keep your nails sound and slick. Whether you hunger for exemplary polish or state-of-the-art plans, Nails is your all-in-one resource for outstanding nail care.

Services offered by Nails Plus

Classic Lavishness: Get the perfect nails, fit for a queen. We expertly trim, shape, and pamper your cuticles, followed by a blissful massage and a flawless polish finish.

Spa Escape: Upgrade your mani to a luxurious spa experience. Soak away stress, buff away dullness, and deeply hydrate your hands for ultimate softness.

Timeless Elegance: Go for the iconic French manicure. Crisp white tips on a sheer or pale pink base – perfect for any occasion.

Your Royal Touch: Customize your pampering! Add a decadent paraffin wax for deep moisture or a dazzling glitter accent for head-turning sparkle.

Nail Enhancements for Long-lasting Beauty:

Tired of chipped polish? Our gel polishes boast a high-gloss finish that endures for weeks with proper care. Explore a dazzling spectrum of colors to find your perfect shade.

Craving extended length or ultimate durability? Our experts utilize just premium acrylics to make the ideal nail shape and configuration, impeccably supplementing your novel style. Experience the best-case scenario. Plunging powder offers the flexibility of acrylics with the agreeable daintiness of gel. Find a progressive mani that enables you.

Nail Plus Art Masterpieces

  1. Beyond Flawless Finish: Nails Plus elevates nail care to an art form. Our skilled technicians are your partners in creating captivating nail art designs that speak to your unique style.
  2. Classic with a Twist: Reimagine timeless elegance with French manicures adorned with shimmering glitter accents, metallic details, or a touch of sophisticated ombre.
  3. Modern Muse: Embrace the cutting edge with geometric designs, alluring negative space, or mesmerizing marble effects. Nails Plus stays ahead of the curve, ensuring you have access to the most fashion-forward nail art trends.
  4. Embrace the Seasons: Celebrate the spirit of the year with festive nail art. Craving winter wonderlands? We have snowflakes and candy canes. Yearning for summer vibes? Dive into vibrant florals or beachy themes. Nails Plus has the perfect design for every occasion.
  5. Bespoke Beauty: Can’t find your dream design? No worries! Schedule a custom nail art consultation. Collaborate on one-of-a-kind designs – your favorite characters, cherished patterns, or anything you dream up.

Maintaining Healthy Nails Between Appointments

Regular care at home and expert attention from Nails Plus keep your natural nails strong and maximize the life of gel or acrylic enhancements.

Salon Shine at Home

Love your salon nails? Keep them looking fab between visits with these simple tips:

  1. Cuticle Care Counts: Soften cuticles with oil, then gently push them back. This prevents hangnails and helps nails grow strong.
  2. Trim Wise: Use sharp tools to avoid ragged edges. Trim straight across and file in one direction for a clean shape.
  3. Moisturize Magic: Dryness weakens nails. Keep hands and nails hydrated with regular lotion and cuticle oil application.

Healthy Nails Between Appointments

  • Soften cuticles with oil, then gently push them back for strong nail growth.
  • Trim nails straight across and file in one direction to prevent breakage.
  • Keep hands and nails hydrated with lotion and oil for salon shine at home!

Addressing Common Nail Concerns

Do not let powerless, fragile, or harmed nails get you down. Nails Plus has master professionals who can evaluate your particular requirements and suggest designated medicines or at-home considerations. Whether you need strengthening solutions for weak nails, tips to prevent brittleness or deep conditioning for repair, Nails Plus can help you achieve healthy, beautiful nails.

Nails Plus Product Recommendations

Nails Plus offers an organized choice of great nail care items to assist you with keeping up with your lovely nails at home. Their specialists can suggest explicit items because of your singular requirements, for example:

  • Cuticle oil: This oil helps soften and nourish cuticles, preventing dryness and hangnails.
  • Nail strengthener: This treatment can help strengthen weak or brittle nails, promoting healthy growth.
  • Hand lotion: A good hand lotion keeps your hands and cuticles hydrated, preventing dryness and cracking.

Finding Your Perfect Nails Plus Location

Nails Plus has a salon network close to you, whether you’re downtown or suburban. Search for your closest on our website’s interactive map!

Beyond Location

Salon Ambiance: Reviews can reveal a modern vibe or a luxurious spa experience. Choose what suits you.

Technician Expertise: Our website and social media showcase technicians with specialties in nail art or enhancements you desire.

Competitive Prices and Special Offers: Check our website or social media for deals to maximize your pampering.

Book Your Appointment

Online Booking: Most salons allow online booking, perfect for scheduling outside business hours.

Phone Booking: Call your preferred location to schedule directly.

Walk-ins: Appointments are recommended, but some locations may accommodate walk-ins based on availability.


Forget boring nails! Nails Plus pampers your hands & feet with classic manicures, trendy art, & long-lasting enhancements. Our experts use top products in a clean, safe environment. Book your appointment online & transform your nails into art! Visit our website to find a Nails Plus near you.

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