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South of France Haircut: A Stylish and Versatile Mohawk

The South of France haircut has gained immense popularity as a chic and modish hairstyle for men, particularly those blessed with curly or kinky hair. Often referred to as the sophisticated gentleman’s Mohawk, this haircut seamlessly blends the boldness of a traditional Mohawk with the refinement of a fade.

It is a kind of Mohawk haircut made by a famous American lyricist, vocalist, and artist, Usher Raymond. He went to his bar, whose name is Curtis Smith, and requested a special hair style that would make him stand apart from the group. His barber made a Mohawk hairstyle with a blowout fade to make a nice style and cut. This hairstyle became famous among people, mainly his fans, and nowadays it is a common hairstyle in America for African and black men.

In the south of France haircut, the hairs on the sides are faded, like low, medium, and then high, which creates an awesome contrast and looks cool. With so many personalization prospects, you can have straight or wavy hair. You can request that your stylist make different plans or cut your hair, depending on your inclination.

You should simply take a gander at various photographs of individuals whose countenances look like yours to think of a hairstyle that supplements your body type and facial design. If you have a look at their hairstyles and follow them by adopting one for yourself, you’ll see a colossal improvement in your character. If you want this hairstyle for yourself, there are many choices accessible to you. We will cover every one of them exhaustively here.

What is a South of France Haircut?

The South of France haircut is essentially a variant of the Mohawk, featuring a burst fade on the sides and back. This blur, be it low, medium, or high, smoothly bends around the ear, following the regular forms of the hairline. On top, the hair can be customized to a short, medium, or long length, taking into consideration different styling choices, going from wavy and turned to brushed or spiked. Flexibility is a sign of the South of France hairstyle, making it versatile for different face shapes, hair surfaces, and individual style inclinations.

Celebrity Impact and Evolution

This trend gained significant momentum when celebrities like Usher and Odell Beckham Jr. embraced the style, bringing it into the mainstream. Since a celebrity trend is followed by his followers and other celebrities as well, it got famous within a short period.

The South of France haircut has since evolved, with variations that cater to different hair textures and personal preferences. From a tight fade to a more relaxed taper, this haircut offers versatility that suits a wide range of face shapes and styles.

Types of South of France Haircut

There are multiple types of South of France haircuts, and some of these are:

  • A little burst fades
  • Complete Mohawk
  • Mohawks fade with your skin
  • Haircut for blond
  • Sideburn haircut with transitions
  • Low fade haircut
  • Curve it as you like it

How to Achieve South of France Haircut

To achieve the South of France haircut, enlist the services of a skilled barber capable of delivering a precise and clean fade, coupled with a sharp edge-up. The process kicks off with the use of clippers to smoothly shave the sides and back, creating a seamless transition from the skin to the hair. The barber then sculpts the fade around the ear and hairline, harmonizing with the natural curvature of the head. The top section receives meticulous attention, with customization based on desired length and texture—whether it’s a short and tidy Mohawk, a medium and curly variation, or a long and voluminous rendition. The final touch involves defining the forehead, temples, and beard to present a fresh and well-defined appearance.

Styling Tips for the South of France Haircut

Embracing different products and techniques makes styling the South of France haircut an enjoyable and creative endeavor. Consider the following tips and ideas for a personalized touch:

  • Opt for a sleek and polished look with pomade or gel for a short and neat Mohawk. Apply a modest amount of product to damp or dry hair, combing it through with fingers or a comb.
  • Enhance and define curls in a medium and curly Mohawk using a curl cream or gel. Apply a generous amount to damp hair, scrunching it with your hands or a towel.
  • Craft a spiky and bold look for a long and voluminous Mohawk using a pick or comb. A curl sponge or twist sponge can add texture and dimension, with hairspray or gel offering hold and definition.

Maintenance Essentials for the South of France Haircut

Sustaining the allure of a South of France haircut requires regular upkeep. Follow these tips to keep it looking sharp:

  • Schedule regular visits to your barber for touch-ups on the fade and edge, typically every two to four weeks based on your hair growth and desired level of crispness.
  • Prioritize regular hair washing and conditioning to maintain cleanliness and overall health. Tailor the frequency to your hair type and scalp condition, using suitable products like SheaMoisture. Men Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter Beard Wash and SheaMoisture Men Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter Beard Balm for nourishment.
  • Safeguard your hair from heat and sun damage by using a protective spray or leave-in conditioner before styling. Consider wearing a hat or scarf when outdoors for additional protection. A product like Cantu Shear Butter Thermal Shield Heat Protectant can provide both protection and a smoothing effect.


The South of France haircut stands as a fashionable and versatile hairstyle, offering a contemporary twist to the classic Mohawk. Its simplicity in acquisition, styling, and maintenance allows for a personalized touch. Moreover making it suitable for every man seeking a fusion of Mohawk boldness with fade finesse. There is no rule that only black men can adopt, but men of any color living anywhere in the world can achieve this haircut. Whether opting for a short and tidy Mohawk, a medium and curly variation. A long and voluminous rendition, the South of France haircut promises a transformative and confidence-boosting experience.

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