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Importance of Fashion and Lifestyle in 21st Century


Fashion is the word that shows the people’s personality and their mindset according  to the environment. Now people see the fashion lifestyle and judge others. Fashion symbolizes much more than just clothing and accessories. It reflects culture ,social, and personal identity, and values. It can be a tool for self-expression political and social activism and a way to distinguish oneself from others. Basically fashion influence help to create a idea of what we think about personality. This is an essential detail of any fashion is important. IN these cultures ,clothing and fashion were status symbols. 

Healthy People Importance of Fashion and Lifestyle

Those who were wealthy would wear expensive and stylish garments that were colorful, while the poor would wear neutral colors and their garments were cheap but useful. IN Barbie Dreamhouse kids can be moved at the age of 3 years and discover playtime possibilities in every room .Fashion should be related to theses dreamhouse because the kids are very impressive from the Barbie lifestyle. Now they are play their lifestyle in their daily routines Fashion should be the form of escapism and not a form of imprisonment Fashion is like eating. You should not stick to the same menu.

Barbie life

Fashion should be related to the lifestyle of Barbie life in the dreamhouse .Many people and their generation take many of the suggestion from the Barbie life. I have been observing the people, their habits, their day to day routine and their lifestyle. It should be matter that which body style want.

Role of Media in Fashion lifestyle

The modern Media has great importance in the fashion field. People Learn many things about fashion from the media that they should not be rural. But people indulge in it ,so they choose that way which is not suitable for them .Fashion also depends on the people’s body because they wear the new dress and other clothing systems sometimes should  not attract the other people and they waste many things and their income on fashion

brands sapphire

It should be change the people lifestyle .Fashion has broad handed it should include many things such as new brands, sapphire and some other that should be tale part in fashion industry. Fashion industry are should be at peak level because people have more focus and attention about the fashion. Trend fashion the developed countries has many new ideas that they apply and other people follow them through the media .So it could be say that media has provide great opportunity in the fashion planning.

Fashion Lifestyle Trend

Fashion trends define the particular fashion design that should be helpful to the people at a particular time. We don’t pay special attention whenever we see most people, especially young people wearing the same design. It reflects that the particular style is the new fashion trend in a moment. The Delbruck Barbie lifestyle in  dreamhouse is the best of the fashion because it should be helpful to the people in their daily life .Fashion styling is the art and and practice of styling clothes through their combination to create certain looks that are aesthetically pleasing which at the same time is appropriate for the occasion that the wearing engages in .Fashion theory takes as its starting point is our media people learn more things from it.

Importance of Fashion and Lifestyle Role in Communication Field

Communication are also available in every industry  because without out no awareness should be give to the people so it is basic necessity to provide communication .Basically fashion brings the people to negativity. Because according to the Islamic point of view cross their limits ,in this case social media has great hand to destroy the people lifestyles ,new brand has great marketing procedure and they earn money at high level. 

Necessary fashion

This type of fashion urges people to want to slow down for the sake of their health. But because of everyone  professional ,personal and social life seems to intertwine we find ways to incorporate healthy habits and routines into our schedules. Fashion lifestyle should be change according to the people reviews Healthy Movement that should be the best lifestyle. So communication should be necessary with those people who live in urban areas.

Final Thoughts

This article concludes that the trend of fashion is constantly changing .Though we like wearing clothes as per the latest fashion but before blindly following any trend we should make sure that the particular style suits us. So it should be said that fashion has great importance in people’s lives. It should be spread all over the world .Developed countries are at peak level in case of fashion.

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