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Best Dress Style for Short Heavy Woman

Best Dress Style: Are you short-height as well as heavy and looking for the best dress styles?

The fashion industry is full of tall and slim girls, as this is the industry’s requirement. There is no one equal, and everyone has different body features like height, weight, or colour. Not everything suits everyone. If we talk about clothing, it is challenging to find the right clothing that flatters your figure if you are a short and heavy woman.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right dress for a normal day or an important event. You can wear any sort of simple dress if you are going to a formal function, but for an important event, you have to dress well and have a style that stands you out from the rest.

Also, the type of dress you wear depends on the weather conditions and your body type. In this article, we will discuss the best dress style for short heavy women that looks perfect on them.


Understand Your Body Type (Best Dress Style)

First of all, you have to understand your body type, and then, according to your body type, you have to select your dress and style. There are three types of body types if you are short and chubby, and they are

Apple-shaped body: If a woman is short in height, has a lot of weight in the middle of her body, and has narrow hips, then she appears like an apple; therefore, this body type is named the apple shape.

Pear-shaped body: If a woman has a lot of weight at her hips and legs and her waist is narrower than that of her hips, then she has a pear-shaped body shape.

Hourglass-shaped body: If a woman has the same weight at its upper parts, like the bust, and lower parts, like the hips and middle part of the body, then she has an hourglass shape.

These are just a few body types, and you may have a different one, so you can dress accordingly. Here we are going to explain what the best dresses are for you if you are short and chubby.


Wear Fitted Clothes

As we all know, everyone has different body shapes, and therefore, people always advise them to wear long and oversize clothing. They think that when you hide your overweight body, you can look better, but the reality is exactly the opposite.

Wearing clothes that fit your body makes your assets appear, and you look amazing in that look. A dress that meets the needs of your body will make you stand out and make you feel proud. Always wear what you love and don’t care what people think about you.


Try Wearing A Single-Colour Dress.

Simplicity attracts more, and the more you remain simple, the more you will look better and more attractive. Monochromatic colours are best for it, as they give the illusion to others that you are tall. This formula works for both chubby and tall women, and you have seen many models look awesomely tall even though they are not.

Wearing a dress of the same colour gives you a refined look, just as if you wear pants and a shirt of the same colour or pattern. It creates harmony and makes you look tall. It is best to choose primary colours; however, you can play with patterns if you like.


Wear A Dress With Large Prints

Most chubby women do not wear dresses with a lot of prints because they think that it makes them look short and overweight. However, there is no restriction on colours, and you need to play with them as you like. Colour has no limits, and what looks good on you is best for you.

If you are a small and chubby woman who doesn’t know what colour prints are best for you, then it is best to wear clothes with large prints, which will make you look tall and offer a balanced look. Make sure that you strike a balance between your shirts and pants, as it helps you look more stylish.


Wear Dark Colors (Best Dress Style)

Another important thing that helps cover your bulky body areas is wearing a dark dress. Dark colours help to cover all your body parts that make you look heavy, and you can try colours like black, navy, or charcoal grey.

As I recommend wearing dark colours, this does not mean that you should not wear light colours. You can wear light colours, but the thing is to cover your necessary heavy parts with dark shades.


Have A Look At Your Undergarments

Your top can look heavy if you are not wearing a bra of the perfect size. Always buy a bra that has been fitted by a professional and fits you as well. The assistant at the shop will help you in those cases as well, finding the perfect one. Also, wear quality shapewear, as it will help you look slimmer.


Try To Wear Lightweight Clothes

If you are a low-height, heavy woman, wearing heavy clothes will make you look heavier. Therefore, it is best for you to wear clothes that are not heavy, like sweaters, jackets, or tweed. Although they are necessary in the winter season, on normal days, try to avoid such things.


Pick The Right Best Dress Style

After picking a dress that fits your body, like tights that make your legs look tall and symmetrical and unequal heights of dresses that make you look slim and smart, it is also necessary to pick other accessories that make you look stylish.

Try to wear high heels that match your dress colour, as it helps you look tall. Also, it is important to pick a dress with vertical lines on it, which give the illusion that you are tall. Don’t pick horizontal lines, as they don’t make you look slim.

Also, your designer can give you more helpful advice after viewing your body type. Lastly, I would suggest you try different dresses with the latest colour choices and wear what makes you feel confident.

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