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A Comprehensive Guide To Different Types Of Fabrics For Clothing

In the world of fashion, choosing the right fabric for yourself is very important to ensure that you feel comfortable. Types of fabrics for clothing Different clothes have different properties, like the material of the fabric and durability, which help you make the right clothing decision for your style.

In the past, fabrics were made from natural materials like silk, linen, and cotton, while today they are made of synthetic fibers like nylon, acrylic, etc. We wear different types of clothes depending on the weather conditions where we live, both generally and for special events. If you live in a hot region, lightweight, breathable, and light colors are best for you.

Similarly, if you live in a cold region, you can wear any dark color and a heavy one that protects you from the severity of the weather. This fabric breathable?” or “Can we wash it by hand or in the washing machine?”

There are a lot of other questions as well that need to be answered, and in this article, we will learn about different types of fabrics for clothing, like natural and synthetic fabric, their features, their importance, and much more.

Natural Fabrics Different Types Of Fabrics For Clothing


If you want to adopt a stylish look, cotton is the best fabric for you because it is lightweight and is mostly used in the summer. It is very easy to clean and comes in an affordable price range. Cotton fabric is so versatile that there are many other classifications of cotton available in the market, like denim, cotton canvas, cotton duck, etc. Cotton is widely used to make a wide range of fabrics like t-shirts, jackets, hats, etc. It is easy to wash by hand as well as in the machine, and it is best for hypoallergenic people.


Silk is another beautiful natural fabric that comes from silkworms. Silkworms produce from their mouth and make cocoons by rotating themselves in an octagonal shape, just like a spider, and that silk is processed further to make clothes.

This process seems unappealing, but the final product is one of the most luxurious, soft, and smooth fabrics. In the fashion industry most t-shirts, hoodies, and robes are made from this fabric. If you love this fabric, you know that it is very expensive and needs proper care while washing.


Linen is another widely used fabric for the summer season, made from a natural plant known as “Linum Usitatissimum”. This is one of the most breathable and lightweight fabrics, and most of the time it is used for making branded shirts, hats, notebooks, and casual shirts. For normal use, this fabric is very good, as it is comfortable and has a good lifespan.

You can wash this fabric easily by hand as well as in the machine, and it requires less maintenance. There are different types of fabric, like Irish linen, Belgian linen, etc., that have a lot of applications in the garment industry. This fabric gets wrinkled easily; therefore, you need proper ironing for it.


Wool does not only come from sheep; we can also get it from the fur of camels, goats, and rabbits. Then the fur of animals is processed further in industries to make yarn, which is used to make wool fabric. Wool is beneficial in winter and for people living in snowy areas, as it helps the body remain warm. There are a lot of benefits to this fabric, like the fact that it is odor-, water-, and wrinkle-resistant. Different jackets, blankets, hats, shirts, and hoodies are made from wool.

Also, other natural fabrics like jute are widely used. Natural fabrics do not lose their color, and there is no need for spinnerets for their spinning.

Types of fabrics for Synthetic clothing


Polyester is one of the most widely used man-made fabrics and is formed by conducting a reaction among water, air, and petroleum. As a result of this reaction, an artificial fiber came out, which makes polyester.

Polyester is used to make a wide range of fashion items like shirts, jackets, uniforms, hats, shorts, and pants. This fabric is durable, easily washable, wrinkle-resistant, and dries quickly. This fabric is not breathable, sticks to sweaty bodies, and is sensitive to high temperatures.


Nylon is another artificial fabric that is used to make a wide range of products like raincoats, sportswear, swimwear, and much more. It is a tough and highly durable material that also acts as a UV protector. This fabric does not shrink and is water-resistant. It is mostly used in the making of hats, duffel bags, raincoats, backpacks, and a lot of other things.


As the name suggests, this man-made fabric is very expandable and durable. It has unique features like durability, flexibility, and water resistance. This fabric is heavy, and in most cases, 15% of it is used along with apparel fabric. But this fabric is not breathable and is also sensitive to heat.

Although there are other artificial fabrics like rayon (one of the smoothest fabrics) and acrylic fabric that are also widely used to meet the needs of the world.

 Types of fabrics for clothing Blended Fabrics

Basically, there are two main types of fabric: natural and synthetic. The resultant products after mixing these two are known as blended fabrics. There is always room to adjust a new style of clothing with a mix of features, like a shirt made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Each such item has its properties, and people love to wear blended products.

There are many examples of blended fabrics, like polyester-cotton blends, wool-silk blends, and rayon-spandex blends. If you want to wear some fabric you love, it is good to visit a shop, decide what suits you best, and have fun.

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