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What Is Binding In Fashion

If you want to give a great finishing touch to your sewing, binding is the best option. Now a question comes to your mind: what is binding in fashion?

What Is Binding In Fashion

In the fashion industry, binding is a very important term that refers to the method of finishing the edges of the fabric. The fabric can be a garment, bedsheet, pillow, bag, and many other things. In short, it is a strip of fabric that is sewn off the edges of the fabric to give a clean and finished look.

There are many ways of binding in fashion, and one can use any of them depending on the requirements that suit the product best. Binding not only adds colors to a garment but also helps with structural support. Also, it smooths out uneven areas and covers up the edges of the product.

Any clothing can be used for binding; however, to achieve a narrow print, choose clothes with small prints like small dots, polka dots, stripes, etc. Work best. You can use any combination that offers a nice look. In this article, we will discuss in detail everything you need to know about binding.

Difference Between Piping And Binding

Binding is a cover over the outer edges of the fabric, and the cover is also made of the same fabric as the garment or a different one. It is used to provide structural strength to garments and offers a decorative look and nicely finished edges. Also, it binds the layer’s outer edges, and it is cut on the edges for ease at corners.

edges of the fabric

On the other hand, piping consists of corded material inside the fabric that gives it a high, 3-dimensional look. Also, piping comes with no code like flat piping as well, and depending upon the condition, trend, and requirement, both of these piping’s are used. Basically, it is stitched on the outer ends of the fabric, while the piping remains outside the fabric. One of the most common examples of piping in daily life is the piping of a pillow.

Types Of Binding In Fashion

One of the most common types of binding in fashion is made by cutting the stripes of fabric on the bias, or diagonal, of the fabric. The stripes are cut at an angle of 45 degrees to the fabric and are useful for apparel like necklines, armholes, hems, and curved edges. It can be made of the same fabric as a garment or a matching fabric that offers a pop of color.

Fold-Over Binding

Fold-over binding is another type of binding in which a strip of fabric is folded in half and then folded over the raw edge of the fabric or garment. In knit fabrics, this sort of binding is used as it creates a stretchy look with an awesome clean finish. Finishing not only makes the fabric look better but also strengthens the end of the fabric as well. Mostly, you will see such a binding in t-shirts, tank tops, and other knit garments.

Flat-Bias Binding

Another very common and awesome sort of binding is flat bias binding. It is similar to bias binding, but the main difference is that it has no cut on the bias while there are cuts in bias binding. Since it is cut on a straight grain, there is not much elasticity in this sort of binding. It is mostly used on straight edges, like the hem of the skirt or the edges of a sleeve.

Elastic Binding

Elastic binding is another type of fashion binding that is widely used in the fashion industry. FurthermoreElastic binding is formed by sewing a strip of elastic onto the raw edge of a garment or fabric. Mostly, this type of binding is used on the edges of undergarments, such as bras and pants, as well as on the waistbands of pants and skirts.

Uses Of Binding

There are a lot of uses or benefits of binding in fashion, like how it helps to strengthen the fabric ends, or you can say it provides structural support. As we know, when the ends of the fabric are open, there are chances that with a little information from a single string, the strength of the fabric will lose strength with time as more and more strings start losing information and breaking. Protecting the fabric from this binding is the best solution.

What Is Binding In Fashion fabric

Let us discuss another example of binding in fashion. Most of the time, shoulder pads are created by covering a piece of foam over other material in binding. This not only helps to protect your fabric but also helps to keep the shoulder pad in place.

To add decorative details to fabric or garments, binding is widely used. We can illustrate it by an example. Piping, which is a type of binding, is used as a decoration element in women’s suits and blankets or pillows. In binding, there is a fabric of the same type of garment created by sewing a strip on the garment or fabric. From dresses to cousins, binding is widely used.

Binding is also used to provide a colorful change to the garments or fabric’s ends. You can try diverse, colorful fabrics for a binding that matches your fabric. You can play with the colors to make a beautiful combination of fabrics to finish the edges of the garment. This sort of binding is mostly used in children’s clothing.

Final Words strength What Is Binding In Fashion

Binding is an important part of the fashion industry. It provides not only a clean, finished edge to fabric but also offers detailed decorative looks and structural support. Since we have mentioned that there are diverse types of binding, each of them has unique features and uses.

If you know these types, you can create diverse, colorful, and decoratively detailed garments for elders and children. Without binding, different fashion items, mainly garments, lack support, structure, and durability. It is therefore essential for fashion designers to understand the significance of binding. This is why, they create diverse, beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing garments using binding.

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