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The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door Spoiler

MoAre you looking for a romantic fictional novel with a charismatic plot and fascinating characters? Step into the magical world of “The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door” by Beluha, a love story filled with twists and interesting folks. The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door Spoiler This book started as a popular Korean novel, and now it’s a webtoon with a whopping 1.5 million views on Naver Series 1.

Meet Ellen, a forgetful saintess escaping a tough past, and Seina, the neighbor who ends up sharing his body with her spirit. Let’s dive into the secrets of “The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door Spoiler” as we spill the beans on what happens next.

The Story of The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door

Ellen is the female lead of a romance fantasy novel who has a mysterious power that attracts all kinds of trouble. The Marquis locked her up, hurting her and using her blood for demons. One day, she escaped but lost her memories. A country church found her, and there, she learned about herbs and healing.

Seina is an ordinary hunter who lives next door to Ellen. She was a fan of the novel and was excited to meet the female lead in person. However, she soon realized that something was wrong with Ellen, who seemed to have no recollection of her past or the novel’s plot. Seina decided to help Ellen recover her memories and protect her from the dangers that lurked around her.

However, things got complicated when Seina got possessed by Ellen’s soul, which was separated from her body due to the memory lock spell. Seina found herself in Ellen’s body, while Ellen remained in Seina’s body. The pair switched roles, pretending to be one another and puzzling over how to undo the switch.

While Ellen received daily love confessions in the novel, she only yearned for a peaceful life, dismissing romantic advances. The Duke, the story’s formidable lead, tried to buy her house and relocate her for safety. However, Ellen, determined to stay put, resisted the relocation. In a tale of love and stubbornness, she stood firm in her desire to call her home, well, home.

Seina, on the other hand, confronted the very dangers Ellen faced, dealing with demons, monsters, and assassins. The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door Spoiler Along her journey, she also met Dion Fravel, a side character with a profound connection to Ellen, adding an extra layer of mystery to the unfolding story. He was a former knight who was exiled for killing the previous king, who was Ellen’s father. He was also the one who helped Ellen escape from the Marquis and was in love with her. Moreover recognized Seina as Ellen, and he tried to protect her from harm.

The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door Spoilers

Although the novel is currently in progress, certain spoilers have been divulged by both the author and readers familiar with the original. Let’s delve into some significant story reveals:

  • Ellen is not the real saintess, but a clone created by the Marquis using the real saintess’s blood. The real saintess is Seina, who was born in the modern world and reincarnated into the novel’s world. Seina’s parents were also reincarnators who were sent to investigate the monsters in the forest but died in the process. Seina inherited the real saintess’s power and soul, which is why she got possessed by Ellen’s soul.
  • The Duke is not the real male lead, but a villain who wants to use Ellen’s power for his benefit. He is also the one who ordered the assassination of the previous king and framed Dion for it. He is obsessed with Ellen and wants to make her his wife. He also knows that Ellen is a clone, and he plans to capture Seina and use her blood to create more clones.
  • Dion is the real male lead, who is loyal and devoted to Ellen. He is also the only one who can break the memory lock spell on Ellen, as he has a part of her soul in his body. He is the one who will end up with Ellen, while Seina will end up with Marcus, a friend of Dion and a fellow hunter.

The Review of The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door

The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door seamlessly blends romance, fantasy, mystery, and comedy, delivering a distinctive and original plot with surprising twists. Well-developed and likable characters add depth to the narrative, and the romantic elements are portrayed with sweetness and realism. The story strikes a balance between humor and drama, providing moments that are both amusing and poignant.

“The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door” caters to readers who appreciate romance fantasy tales featuring strong, intelligent, and independent female protagonists. Additionally, fans of webtoon adaptations will find the accompanying illustrations on Tappytoon1 visually enhance the story. The novel can be accessed on the Naver Series, offering an engaging experience for those seeking a captivating romance-fantasy narrative.

The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door promises to captivate and entertain readers with its engaging plot and intriguing characters. If you’re in search of a romance fantasy novel with a unique twist, This work is undoubtedly worth exploring. You will never regret your decision!


What is the genre and format of “The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door”?

It is a romance fantasy novel with a webtoon adaptation by Beluha and Yoon.

Who are the main characters of “The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door”?

They are Ellen, Seina, Dion, and Marcus. Ellen and Seina are the female leads who switch bodies due to a spell. Dion and Marcus are the male leads who love and protect them.

What are the major spoilers of “The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door”?

Ellen is a clone, Seina is the real saintess, the Duke is a villain, and Dion is the hero.

Where can I read “The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door”?

You can read the novel on the Naver Series and the webtoon on Tappytoon, but you need to pay or subscribe.

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