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Crochet Stitch Markers: What They Are and How to Use Them

During crocheting, it is essential to keep your rows, stitches, and patterns on track. Crochet stitch markers are tiny tools that are made of diverse materials like plastic, metal, or yarn and have different colors and shapes. Keeping track of stitches, patterns, and row counts is essential to creating beautiful and cohesive crochet projects. These small, unassuming tools are the secret weapon in every cricketer’s arsenal.

Crocheting can be done without them, but to enjoy and complete your projects with more smoothness, they are beneficial. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of crochet stitch markers, exploring their importance, types, and creative uses that elevate your crochet game.

The Importance of Crochet Stitch Markers

Crochet stitch markers are very helpful tools for a crocheted and can be used for various purposes, such as:

  • They help you identify specific stitches or sections of your work, making it easier to follow complex patterns or count stitches. If your project has some special stitches or features that you want to emphasize, such as cables, bobbles, or lace, you can use stitch markers to mark them.
  • Keeping track of rows is crucial, especially when working on projects with repetitive patterns. Stitch markers allow you to count rows accurately without losing your place.
  • When you’re repeating a pattern across rows, stitch markers can help you mark the beginning and end of a pattern repeat, ensuring consistency throughout your project.
  • In projects like amigurumi or garments, stitch markers help pinpoint where increases or decreases should be made, ensuring proper shaping.
  • Making your last stitch. If you need to set your work aside or switch yarns, you can put a stitch marker into the last stitch you finished to prevent it from unraveling.
  • Showcasing unique stitching or design elements. Stitch markers can be used to indicate any unique stitches or design elements, such as cables, bobbles, or lace, that you want to draw attention to in your project.

How to Use Crochet Stitch Markers?

Locking and non-locking stitch markers are the two main varieties. Locking stitch markers have an opening and a closing mechanism similar to small safety pins. Non-locking stitch markers resemble tiny rings that are easily slipped on and off the crochet hook.

To mark a point, simply unlock the lock point marker and insert it. Then close the door securely. Open it again, and then pull away from the point to remove it. Before attaching an unlocked stitch marker to the hook, place the hook on the stitch you want to mark. Then continue pulling the thread through the stitch as usual. The point marking will still be on point. Remove the hook from the hook before inserting the hook into the next stitch.


Stitch markers come in various types, shapes, and sizes. Each of them has unique properties and uses. Since we cannot use only one marker for all projects, the right type depends on your project and personal preference.

  1. Locking Stitch Markers: These are small, plastic markers with a locking mechanism. They can be easily clipped onto the stitch and removed when no longer needed. They’re great for marking specific stitches or rows. They work best for many projects.
  2. Split Ring Stitch Markers: These markers resemble small safety pins. They slide onto the stitch and stay in place, making them ideal for marking pattern repeats or shaping points.
  3. Ring Stitch Markers: These are small, closed rings that can be slipped onto the crochet hook or placed directly onto the stitch. They’re best for marking the beginning of a round or a stitch that needs special attention.
  4. Removable Stitch Markers: Made from materials like plastic or rubber, these markers are designed to be easily inserted and removed. They are ideal for temporary markings.
  5. Beaded stitch markers: These markers are simply crafted by joining some beads to a wire or ring. These markers are best for adding some decoration to your project and come in diverse designs.

Where to Buy Crochet Stitch Markers?

You can buy crochet stitch markers from many online and offline sources, such as:

  • Amazon: This online marketplace offers a wide range of crochet stitch markers in different materials, shapes, colors, and prices. Customer reviews are a powerful way of judging the product quality; therefore, read previous customer reviews and then make a purchase.
  • The Spruce Crafts: This online platform provides various articles and tutorials on crochet and other crafts. You can make these markers on your own, but you need a proper guide, which is provided by some experts on that platform in the form of recommendations.
  • Crochet News: This online magazine features news, tips, patterns, and reviews on crochet and related topics. You can also find some suggestions on the best crochet stitch markers for 2023.

Creative Uses of Crochet Stitch Markers

While stitch markers are primarily functional, they can also be used creatively to enhance your crochet experience.

Color Coding: Use different-colored stitch markers to mark different sections or types of stitches in your pattern. This visual aid makes it easier to follow complex instructions.

Pattern Design: Experiment with unique stitch marker placements to create eye-catching patterns within your crochet work.

Progress Trackers: Attach a stitch marker at the end of each completed row or round to track your progress and catch mistakes early.

Helpful Hints: Use a stitch marker to remind yourself of pattern changes or other important notes, like switching colors or joining rounds.


Crochet stitch markers may seem like small, inconsequential tools, but they play a pivotal role in the success of any crochet project. They help maintain stitch consistency, ensure accurate row counting, and simplify complex patterns. Stitch markers can be more than just a useful addition to your crochet toolbox; they can also be entertaining and creative.

So, remember to grab your stitch markers the next time you take up your crochet hook and yarn. These little wonders will be your steadfast companions, helping you turn your crochet visions into beautiful, tangible creations.


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