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Dylan Schumaker: A 16-Year-Old Guy Killed His Girlfriend’s Child

Dylan Schumaker, a 16-year-old guy, was playing with his girlfriend Ashlee Smith’s children, and she was working at a restaurant. It was March 19, 2013, and suddenly tragic news emerged in the small town known as Springville that Dylan Schumaker had beaten the two-year-old baby of his girlfriend so hard that he could not survive.

When she came back to his boyfriend’s home, she found his elder son Austin had died. The police arrested him from his house. His case went viral because of his horrific murder. There was only one news at the tongue of everyone in New York an that is his murder. Let’s discover behind the scenes of this incident, like how and why it happened. So let’s embark on this journey.

Who was Dylan Schumaker 

Dylan Schumaker was a typical adolescent from Springville. This incident spread very fastly on the news channels. hebecome famous within no time after that horrifying incident.

Information about the Incident

Dylan was looking after Ashlee Smith’s two small sons that fateful night while she was at work. The older boy, Austin, who was about two years old, tragically passed away at the end of the night.

The night of the incident

It was a beautiful evening when Ashlee, who was the girlfriend of Dylan, went happily to work. She usually comes back home late at night. Like any other night, it began normally, but who knows that this night is no longer going to be awesome in Springville?

Most of the people in the town were sleeping; many were gone on duty, and some were enjoying the night with their families. In the house of Dylan were his mother, his father, and the two sons of his beautiful girlfriend, Ashley. Previously, Dylan had been in charge of keeping an eye on the kids. At the beginning of the night, nothing seemed unusual.

Learning of Austin’s passing

Something went wrong as the night wore on. Austin, her kid, had become unresponsive by the time Ashlee returned. He had been severely beaten, and the wounds did not heal. Every one can imagine how hard he beat the baby boy, and therefore it shocked everyone who listened to the news.

Arrest of Dylan Schumaker

Quick action led to Dylan Schumaker’s arrest and subsequent second-degree murder accusation. His heartfelt cries for help were broadcast throughout the country. He was very mad at himself for his actions, but nothing could save him from this murder. A famous proverb fits this: “It’s useless to repent when birds have devoured the farm”.

Prompt responses from the public and the media

Although the internet was not too fast at that time, this news spread like fire in the jungle, and there gathered a great number of media channels to cover this incident within no time. The town was in shock, and the journalists descended upon it. The incident was covered by local and national true crime programs.

The Case

The trial received a lot of attention. Family members, journalists, and other interested people crowded the courtroom. Schumaker’s age and emotional state were used as points of defense. He grieved during the verdict and insisted that he did not intend to kill Austin.

Schumaker was portrayed by the prosecution as being cold and calculated. They provided proof of the brutality of Austin’s wounds.

There were other witnesses summoned, including medical professionals, who spoke about the seriousness of the injuries Austin sustained.

The Judgment and Sentence

Dylan sobbed when the verdict was announced, saying he loved Austin and hadn’t intended to harm him. He apologized to his girlfriend and the court with falling tears of shame, but all the jurors do not believe his apology.

Statements by B. Justice M. William Boller

Schumaker was sharply described as a “manipulator and deceiver” by Justice M. William Boller. He emphasized Schumaker’s actions’ premeditated character and his attempts to influence the jury by crying.

The sentence at the end

For the second-degree murder of Austin, Schumaker received a sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

Reactions and Consequences

Reactions to the verdict in the public and media

Different opinions existed among the people. Some believed that justice had been served, while others believed that Schumaker’s age should have been taken into greater consideration.

Comments from the Affected Families

Both families suffered great losses. His family suffer different difficulties after this incident and even their relatives start hating them. on the other hand, Ashlee Smith left to mourn the loss of her son.

Effects on the Community of Springville

The crime had a significant impact on Springville and sparked questions about families, youth, and violence.

Comments and Analysis

  • Regarding Schumaker’s age, critics questioned if the legal process was just.
  • The case generated discussions about juvenile crime, sentencing, and the distinction between punishment and rehabilitation.
  • The incident provided a somber reminder of how dangerous seemingly “normal” surroundings can be.


In conclusion, Dylan Schumaker’s tragic case serves as a somber reminder of the ugly sides of human nature and the terrible effects they can have on the lives of the defenseless. The episode had a lasting impression on the town of Springville and generated crucial conversations about juvenile criminality, punishment, and social norms.

There needs to be a lot of understanding when you are going to form a relationship with another person. Society must continue to look for solutions and work to protect the most vulnerable members of our community through study and reflection.


How did Dylan Schumaker fare?

Justice sentenced Schumaker a 25-year to life jail term as he was found guilty of second-degree murder.

How did the neighborhood respond to the event?

The neighborhood was in disbelief and lamented Austin’s passing. As a result of the incident, discussions regarding juvenile violence began.

What was the decision in Schumaker’s case?

Second-degree murder was judged to be committed by Schumaker.

What was the judgment of Justice M. William Boller in this case?

Justice Boller condemned Schumaker to 25 years to life in jail and referred to him as a “manipulator and deceiver.”

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